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Emergency Information / Incident Updates

9/09/2019. 11:16. Evacuation Drill, Mt. Pleasant Campus, ALL CLEAR.

Please return to normal business operations.

9/9/2019. 11:04AM DRILL!!!! Mt. Pleasant Campus only.

An evacuation drill is taking place on the Mt. Pleasant Campus only. Please evacuate the Mt. Pleasant buildings immediately. Do not return to the buildings until you hear the ALL CLEAR.

This is only a drill.

Evacuation Instructions

In the event that an incident necessitates building evacuation, anyone inside a campus building should:

  • Immediately find the nearest exit and assemble in one of the designated assembly areas (located on maps below). Ensure that you assemble no closer than 100 feet from a building.
  • Follow any instructions received through Mid's emergency alert systems or phone/PA systems.
  • Assist disabled individuals with exiting the building and do not use elevators.
  • Close all windows and doors as rooms are cleared.
  • Follow the directions of campus security, administration, appointed personnel and/or the responding agencies/authorities.
  • Remain outside of building(s) until an ALL CLEAR is issued.

Evacuation Routes and Campus Maps

Mt Pleasant Campus Evacuation Map

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