Children on Campus

version 2018-19

To protect the safety of young visitors and to avoid disruptive behavior, Mid’s Code of Conduct discourages bringing children to campus. However, the College does recognize that there may be times when young children might accompany an employee, student, or visitor to campus.In these instances, the College requires that the child be under the constant supervision of a responsible adult. This means, that there must be an unobstructed line-of-sight between the child/children and the adult, the child should be under control and non-disruptive to the learning/work environment. Additionally, children are prohibited in classrooms, laboratories, testing centers or other areas of instruction.

Children who are taking part in organized, scheduled activities/events, minors who have been admitted to the College, and dual enrolled high school students, may be on campus without adult supervision. Parents/guardians of minor children participating in a scheduled activity or event should consider enrolling in Mid’s visitor emergency notification system to receive text message alerts in the event of campus closure or situations that may warrant the issuance of a timely warning or emergency notification. Incident information and updates would also be posted and available on Mid’s website.

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