Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

Mid Michigan College endeavors to provide educational and community leadership to enhance the learning experiences of its students, staff, and college community. To this end, the College is obligated to provide its students with a socially unhindered and secure environment. The student, in turn, is expected to adhere to standards and responsibilities to other members of the Mid Michigan College population. The most important of these responsibilities is to refrain from interfering with the rights and accountabilities of others to teach, learn, and effectively manage the institution.

Students are required to engage in responsible social and academic conduct that reflects positively upon the College and models good citizenship in the community. Students are expected to act in an accountable manner that promotes the learning environment of the College. Conduct violations that disrupt the College environment are not tolerated and addressed assertively.

The three forms of misconduct subject to disciplinary action are:

1) Violations of civil/criminal law

2) Disruption of the educational process, and

3) Violation of College rules, regulations and policies.

The Student Code of Conduct applies to all Mid locations including off-site campus locations, internships, online learning communities controlled by the College, studies abroad, club and athletic events, and at any College-sponsored activity or event. Off-campus behavior that may adversely affect the College and/or the pursuit of its objectives may also be considered violations of this Code.


Ryan Harkrader

Student Conduct Coordinator / Athletic Director
(989) 773-6622 Ext. 548 |
Office: Center for Student Services, Room 237

Amy Gothe

Student Wellness Coordinator
(989) 773-6622 Ext. 256 |
Office: Center for Student Services, Room 149

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