Change of Name and/or Gender Policy


Mid Michigan College recognizes that as a community, members may use names to identify themselves other than their legal name. This includes persons that identify with a gender that differs from their birth-assigned sex. These individuals may exercise their option to change their legal name and/or gender information with the College. Mid Michigan College’s Office of the Registrar is responsible for maintaining a student’s official academic record and as such, has the responsibility of oversight to implement any change to the official and/or unofficial student name and gender information. All inquiries and requests should be directed to this Office.

The name and gender that is reported on official records is the person’s legal name and gender. This information should reflect the name and gender that is reported on the student’s original application for admission to Mid and/or Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If a student chooses to change their name and/or gender in the College’s official records or desires to use a preferred first name, familiarity with this policy and procedure is advised.

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(uploaded AUG 10, 2017)

I. Official Name Change

To enact a change to a student’s name on official Mid Michigan College records (i.e. Student Financial Aid and Loan Documents, Transcripts, Employment Records, etc.), the Change of Name and/or Gender Request Form must be completed. This Form should be accompanied by proper documentation and submitted to the Office of the Registrar. The types of documentation that constitute proof of legal name change are listed below. Students wishing to change their name on their official academic record are required to present the original legal document or a notarized certified copy with the original notary seal to the Office of the Registrar. Original documents will be photocopied and returned.

One of the following documents listed below must be submitted with the completed Change of Name and/or Gender Request Form:

  • Court Order: Original court order signed by the presiding Judge and bearing the county filing stamp;
  • Marriage Certificate: Original or copy of marriage license with original notarized seal with county filing stamp;
  • Divorce Decree: Original or copy of judgement of divorce signed by the presiding Judge and bearing the county filing stamp. This document should include specific language granting restoration of the maiden or other name;
  • Certificate of Naturalization: Original or copy with original notarized seal


  • One Government issued document such as a passport, driver license, birth certificate, social security card, etc., that reflects the new name. Please note that the College requests this information to protect the confidentiality of a student’s record; to confirm that the student requesting the change is the legitimate individual and that the request is authentic.
  • Students who apply for Financial Aid:
  • For International Students:
  • For Degree Candidates before graduation:

Upon receipt and verification of the above information, the Registrar will implement the necessary changes to the student’s name in the student’s official academic records. Although the new name will be changed on all documents, the student’s previous identity will continue to be listed in the College’s database in order to ensure that any searches under the student’s former name will access the accurate files.

Important information for students requesting an identification change

  • the name and Social Security Number used on the FAFSA must match. After obtaining a legal name change, students should file the required paperwork with the Social Security Administration to change their information on their Social Security card. This is especially important if the student is planning to apply and/or utilize Federal Financial Aid – including Pell and/or Student Loans.
  • a student’s name must appear on their College Record exactly as it appears on the passport issued by the passport’s country of origin.
  • requests for a name change for degree candidates must be submitted to the Office of Registrar no later than one week after the graduation application deadline. Students requesting name changes after this date are not guaranteed that the change information will be reflected in the commencement program.

Obtain a copy of the Change of Name and/or Gender Request Form

Paper copies may also be obtained at the Enrollment Counter on either the Harrison or Mt. Pleasant Campus.

II. Official Gender Designation Change

A student’s official academic record reflects the legal gender that the student indicated at the time they applied for admission to Mid. Students wishing to change the gender information on their official academic record must provide legal documentation. This documentation and the Change of Name and/or Gender Request Form must be submitted to the Registrar. Legal documentation submitted should be in the form of a government-issued document such as a passport, driver license, birth certificate, and/or court order that reflects the new gender information.

III. Preferred First Name and/or Pronoun (Unofficial Name/Gender Designation) Change

The College is cognizant that students may prefer to be acknowledged by a different name other than their legal first name. If the choice of first name is not chosen for the purposes of misrepresentation, Mid will acknowledge a preferred first name and/or gender pronoun wherever possible in the course of a student’s education. The preferred first name is used, except in instances where the Legal Name is required, such as transcripts, Student Financial Aid, loan documents, National Student Clearinghouse, employment records, etc.

In addition, students will be allowed to indicate a chosen personal pronoun on the Change of Name and/or Gender Request Form, e.g., she/her/hers/; they/them/their/. Students that desire a change to their preferred name and/or pronoun are encouraged to submit both request together. Failure to do so may result in a personal pronoun that is typically associated with the Legal Name and/or legal gender of record, being used until such time that a subsequent preference request is received.

Generally, students are free to determine the preferred first name they wish to be acknowledged by. However, inappropriate use of this preferred name policy (including but not limited to fraud, misrepresentation, avoidance of legal obligation) may result in a request denial by the Office of the Registrar. Mid reserves the right to retract any use of a preferred first name if it is used inappropriately. It should be noted that changing one’s name and/or personal pronoun in the College’s student information system is not the same as legally changing one’s name and/or gender designation through the courts.

Upon receipt of the completed Change of Name and/or Gender Request Form, the Registrar will process the request and the preferred first name and/or personal pronoun will be denoted wherever possible within Mid’s student information system. More specifically, the student’s Preferred Name can be reflected in the following systems:

  • Mid Student ID Card-students who wish to have their Student ID Card reflect their preferred name must first complete the Preferred Name and/or Pronoun Change Request process, and then visit the Library and Learning Services on either campus to have their card reissued. The standard replacement fee for Student ID cards is $5.00.
  • Portal/Moodle
  • Class Roster
  • Mid email and username – Students are assigned an Mid email address and username upon acceptance to the College and they are generally assigned based on an individual’s legal first and last name. In the event that the alphabetical letter of a preferred first name does not match the letter of an individual’s legal first name, students may submit a helpdesk ticket requesting that their preferred first name initial be used. Note that this is to be requested after completing the Change of Name and/or Gender Request process.


Any questions or requests for obtaining an official or unofficial Name and/or Gender Designation should be directed to the Office of the Registrar at .

If you have questions about Mid’s Change of Name and/or Gender Policy please contact the Office of Student Oversight via e-mail at or by telephone to (989) 386-6638.

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