Campus-Related Policies & Information

version 2018-19

The links below contain pertinent policies, processes, and procedures that students, and members of the campus community, as well as visitors, should become familiar with.

Resource Name Description
Smoke, Tobacco & E-Cigarettes Information
To promote the health and well-being of its students, faculty, and staff and reduce involuntary exposure to secondhand smoke.
Alcohol and Other Drug Policies
Committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment and as such, recognizes that improper or excessive use of alcohol and other drugs may disrupt the learning community by negatively impacting the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.
Change of Name and/or Gender Policy
Mid recognizes that as a community, members may use names to identify themselves other than their legal name. This includes persons that identify with a gender that differs from their birth-assigned sex. These individuals may exercise their option to change their legal name and/or gender information with the College.
Student Conduct Information
Students are expected to act in a responsible manner that promotes the environment for learning. Mid's official Student Code of Conduct.
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