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Campus-Related Policies & Information

(version 2019-20)

The links below contain pertinent policies, processes and procedures that all members of the campus community, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors, should become familiar with.

Resource Name Description
Smoke, Tobacco & E-Cigarettes Information

In a continued effort to create a safe, healthy and clean work and learning environment all Mid campus locations are smoke and tobacco free.

Alcohol and Other Drug Policy and Prevention Programming

Mid recognizes the dangers and health risks associated with the misuse of alcohol, prescription drugs and the use/abuse of illicit drugs. Mid prohibits the use, possession, consumption, sale distribution, and unlawful manufacture of illegal drugs, narcotics, or controlled substances, including alcohol and tobacco, on Mid’s campuses, while conducting College business or as part of any College sponsored activity or event.

Weapons Policy
Mid is committed to providing a work and learning environment that is safe and secure for student, staffs, and visitors. Pursuant to this commitment Mid prohibits firearms or other dangerous weapons, with or without a concealed weapon permit, at any of Mid’s campus locations or at any college sponsored function or event.
Change of Name and/or Gender Policy
Mid recognizes that as a community, members may use names to identify themselves other than their legal name. This includes persons that identify with a gender that differs from their birth-assigned sex. These individuals may exercise their option to change their legal name and/or gender information with the College.
Student Conduct Information

Through the College’s core values of integrity, learning, people, community and excellence Mid commits itself to maintaining an environment that is accepting, equitable, secure and respective and students are expected to adhere to the same values. The Student Code of Conduct provides an outline of misconduct that would violate these values and be subject to disciplinary action.

College Complaint and Grievance Procedures
In any healthy environment, it is unavoidable that from time to time, complaints, disputes or concerns may arise between individuals or the College itself, and offers a general overview of how these matters would be addresses.

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