Campus Safety & Security

Campus Safety and Security efforts are housed within the Office of Student Oversight.

Campus Safety and Security has the central responsibilities to provide assistance and leadership in the areas of emergency response, evacuation procedures, and security issues.

The links below contain pertinent processes and procedures that should be followed in cases of emergency or crisis.

Emergency-Related Policies, Information & Resources

Resource Name Description
Emergency Response Checklist/Procedures for Employees and Students
Handbook/Checklist for Emergency Procedures.
Emergency Response and Evacuation Testing Procedure
Evacuation drills each semester which are coordinated by Campus Security in conjunction with the Safety and Security Committee and the Core Crisis Team.
Emergency Evacuation Procedure
Procedures related to emergency evacuation.
Emergency Notification and Timely Warning Issuance Policy and Procedures
In the event of an emergency, MMCC’s Core Crisis Response Team will assess the significance, level of danger, and immediate threat to the health, safety and security of the college community. Directly thereafter, an Emergency Notification (EN) will be issued.
Tornado Emergency Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures related to Tornados and MMCC.
Clery Geography Maps and Info
The Clery Act requires institutions to disclose statistics for reported crimes based on where the crimes occurred, to whom the crimes were reported, the types of crimes that were reported, and the year in which the crimes were reported. Links to the Clery geography maps are provided.

Annual Security Reports

Detailed report published by October 1st of each calendar year and includes information on campus safety and security efforts, policies, procedures, as well as crime statistics. The report is designed to keep the campus community informed and safe.

MMCC Annual Security Report 2016


Emergency Response Info

If there is an emergency that requires police, ambulance, or fire response:

  • Call 911
  • Then, call Campus Security
    (Harrison Campus: (989) 339-4204 or Mt. Pleasant Campus: (989) 339-7323)
  • If you can't reach Campus Security, call the Help Desk (Ext. 411)

If there are non-emergency issues that require response:

  • Call Campus Security
    (Harrison Campus: (989) 339-4204 or Mt. Pleasant Campus: (989) 339-7323)
  • If you can't reach Campus Security, call the Help Desk (Ext. 411)

For general questions or concerns on safety & security issues:

Contact either:

Campus Crime Logs (Yearly Reports)

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