It is no secret that college students need to prepare prior to beginning a new semester. In order to reach academic success, it is important to make preparations and make college coursework less stressful. Many students feel the weight of expectations to start off a semester strong and make meaningful progress toward a good future. Through personal experience, I’ve learned what’s essential for a solid semester start. My first bit of advice is to make sure that you are registered for courses. Start off by meeting with your Mid Mentor to create a plan. Schedule a meeting with your mentor to discuss what you are studying and what courses you will want to take. Once you have officially been registered, explore campus and map out where your courses are located. Consider asking your mentor if they are willing to help you find your way, they most likely will or can connect you with someone who can help. One of the most important things to get squared away is tuition, and there are many ways to pay for that. You can be like me and pay out of pocket, connect with financial aid, or set up a payment plan. One thing is for sure, always pay before the deadline. Next piece of advice is to know your schedule. Once registration is complete, take note of when your courses meet and make it a part of your personal schedule. Should you have a job and plan on keeping it for the semester, I strongly encourage you to let your employer know your college schedule and when you’re available to work. During my most recent semester, I had four classes and a fast food job. Early on in the semester, I was admittedly in over my head and thought I would be unable to keep up. It was really stressful, I had bitten off more than I could chew. At one point, I came to a hard decision and chose to drop a course in order to keep my job and maintain academic success. I want you to ask yourself before starting the semester, if your course schedule is aligned with your and have a plan going forward. My last piece of advice is to make sure you have all the essential materials and supplies. Whether it be textbooks, notebooks, flash cards, etc. Get everything you need before the semester begins. One thing I found necessary is a reliable source of transportation. Some could be like me and have a car, others may need to take a bus/public transportation. The important thing is getting to your courses on time. If I didn’t have my own car, I would have to ride with my parents, or bike. Another important thing to do is to email your instructor and ask about specific materials you may need in advance. Being prepared prior to starting a semester gives me peace of mind, and I’m sure it will do the same for you. I hope my pieces of advice will help you make prepare for college and begin the next chapter of your life with a little less stress. Good luck fellow Lakers!

A laptop and study materials support student success.
Having the appropriate supplies and materials makes coursework less stressful.
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