With all of these crazy cancellations I was starting to worry that I would not have anything for my Newsletter. Then Friday the 13th happened.

A friend of mine on Facebook (clarify-friend is a guy I graduated with 45 years ago but have not seen since!) posted something that really lifted me up:

Don’t let all of this keep you from living your best life.

Wow, he is so right. I have some fear. I feel really inconvenienced. I have some anger. But this is also an opportunity. I have plenty of work I can do from my home. I have plenty of work I can get done in my home. I can help my kids by watching my grand kids. I have been wanting to get outside and get in touch with local trails and get fishing rods ready. These things are MY BEST LIFE! and I can still love doing those things. It is not the cross country vacations, the casino trips or concerts NBA, NHL or NCAA Basketball games.

I also have been lifted up by the way we are coming together on this Friday the 13th.

Examples from our own community, and these are just from my Facebook feed (I don’t have many friends either!):

Texas Roadhouse gave out coupons to all Shepherd Elementary students for a free meal, waiving any additional purchase as long as schools are closed.

The Barn Door on M-20 near Lake Isabella will extend their Saturday kids special to every day. Kids can order a grilled cheese and fries or dinos and fries for 99 cents. They also are offering FREE spaghetti dinners to anyone and everyone who would like to pick meals up on March 22nd starting at noon.

Mt. Pleasant Public Schools is offering free lunch to anyone child under 18. You do not have to reside in the MPPS district. Drive in from 11-1 on school days at Ganiard and the High School. Delivered to your car.

St. Louis Public Schools will offer free meals for families and children Monday through Friday 10:00 – 12:00. Anyone will be able to receive the school meal, including other family members. Anyone in the vehicle can have a free meal!

Mt. Pleasant Automotive posted “If you know any family in need we have food packages available.”

Mary LaChance , coordinator of PEAK Program, offers a list of her staff that would take babysitting jobs during the school closures. These would be people with training and experience.

Pickard Street Citgo in Mt. Pleasant offers a small sub with meat and cheese, fruit and a milk for $0.99 to school-age children from March 17th through April 5.

Hixson’s Family Market of Canadian Lakes- k-12 children can get a hot dog OR chicken tenders OR a grilled cheese, each with fries, for $0.99, for the next 3 weeks.

K.J.’s Family Restaurant of Mecosta is offering $1 kids meals. A breakfast of kid’s pancakes, eggs and toast or Ham and Cheese Scramble. Lunch or dinner choices are PB&J, grilled cheese OR chicken strips with fries or apple sauce to children 12 and under.

Jo Jo’s Pizza of Remus is going to make food boxes for families with kids that are home from school for the next 3 weeks.

I am sure you know of many more examples of “Stepping up” because we all need to take control. I saw another post that said, “We are warriors, not worriers.” I admit the worry was starting to take over until Friday the 13th. On that day, our communities have gone warrior. Let’s make sure we give back to these businesses that are supporting our youth, our elderly, our out-of-work. If we can’t do it today, make a commitment to give them our business WHEN we come out of this.

Stay safe and healthy. Stay loyal and true. Live your best life, whatever surrounds you.