My name is Carol McCaul. I am an Employer Talent Pipeline Lead working with Mid Michigan College for the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance.

I am often asked, “What is an Employer Talent Pipeline Lead?” I had to ask myself that question when I left teaching to take a position with such a title. I have restructured the title to explain it a little better. My job is to lead improvements in the pipeline between undeveloped talent and area employers. One of the ways I am trying to do that, is with improved communications between the educators of young talent, the talented youth themselves, and employers.

I hope that most readers of this blog receive our regional ETP Newsletter delivered monthly via your email. If not, contact me immediately 🙂

With this blog, my intention is to supplement the articles submitted to the Newsletter with other newsworthy happenings in our area. There is so much going on that everyone should know about, too much for everything to make the Newsletter.

I love technology. It has allowed for such an increased QUANTITY in the amount of people and information we can handle. But I feel very strongly that we have replaced some of the QUALITY of our communications. So, read what I write but please contact me to come visit you in person to talk about how I might help you improve the pipeline connecting young talent to the Central Michigan area business community.