I attended one of the Apprenticeship workshops held in the Michigan Works! Region 7B area during November. AND it was much more exciting than I was expecting.

These workshops presented a 5-Step Process to setting up a Registered Apprenticeship through Michigan Works.  As a State of Michigan Registered Apprenticeship a business can qualify for some Michigan Works! support for the training component of the program.

Apprenticeship assistance and support is becoming much more widespread in a variety of fields. Computer Science, agriculture, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing are just a few of the industries looking to expand apprenticeship opportunities.

I find this very encouraging. A small business that needs just one or two employees can find someone with high interest, provide a job, a wage, and on the job training with a plan for education or training with a provider all with some support from Going Pro (if it returns YIKES we hope so) or Michigan Works!

I picture the young people who sit in classrooms and know they may struggle to afford education after high school. They know they will have to go to work and don’t realize they can work and learn while they earn a certificate that they can use to climb a career ladder. I think this offers some great opportunities to small businesses who want to “grow their own” as well as young talent who need a boost to get them going.

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