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Whether you have a student considering Mid Michigan College or who is already attending, we want to congratulate your efforts. A college education opens doors, not only for the graduate, but for the communities that they go on to serve in their respective careers.

It takes support to make the choice to continue an education. Mid applauds parents and caregivers who have supported students toward reaching higher and achieving more. Thank you.


Our faculty care, and our average class size is 18. We understand how to teach and how to listen to our students--how to serve and how to deliver an exceptional education. That's why we really do believe that our students get more from their time at Mid.

Because our degrees and courses transfer to colleges and universities across the state and nation, we can accommodate all goals. Whether you live nearby and have a student who could take a course or two over the summer, or you have a future doctor who wants to save on general education courses' costs, or you have a future plastics technician who will enter the workforce in two years, Mid has something valuable to offer.

Talk to us. Ask questions. We want to help you figure out what makes sense for your family as you consider college paths.

Preparing your student for college.

Mid Michigan College has two Bookstores, one at each campus. A wide variety of campus clothing, supplies and gift items can be purchased in addition to course materials. An online Bookstore is also available for students who prefer to have their orders shipped.

Visit our Campus Bookstore's website for more information.

Sara Millerov

Mid Michigan College is an excellent choice for students for a multitude of reasons. It's close to home, very affordable, has a helpful staff, and offers many programs and transferable courses.

I get the pleasure of seeing Mid's positive impact on my students each year. I witness the admissions representatives work with my students and help them plan their futures and patiently answer all their questions. I get to see students smile in the spring as Mid representatives award wonderful scholarships to some of our graduates. I also see the stress melt off student's shoulders when they realize they can afford to attend college. It's awesome to watch my seniors make smart, economical choices about their futures before they even leave our building.

Personally, my experiences with Mid has been outstanding! I regularly interact with the admissions and mentoring teams, particularly those we coordinate with for dual enrollment. We are a small district but have a large dual enrollment program. This partly due to Mid's outstanding efforts to provide a streamlined dual enrollment process and excellent course offerings to our high school students. The level of support both myself and our students receive is superb! - Sara Millerov, Beal City School Counselor

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