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Outdoor Education Center

Outdoor Education Center Rendering

Project At-a-Glance

To increase usage and enjoyment of Mid's 560 forested acres, the College is constructing an Outdoor Education Center. This center will serve as a trail head for the biking and hiking trails that are frequently used by community members, local high schools, and the College's cross country team. The Center will feature a flexible space layout, so that it can be used as both an education and recreational/event venue.

Currently, construction is running ahead of schedule. The Center is expected to open in August 2019.

Project Specs

Located between the east parking lot and the east trail head, the Outdoor Education Center will be 1,600 square feet of interior space and 1,400 square feet of outdoor space (of which 600 square feet will be covered).

Project Funding

Most of the construction costs have been funded through grants and gifts. The College is grateful for this support!

  • A USDA Rural Development Grant of $95,000, which is matched by the College
  • Mid Michigan College Foundation gift of $300,000


  • Over the past decade, the College has invested in developing and maintaining both walking trails (3 mile loop) and mountain bike trails (19 miles). As public usage of these lands have grown, so has the need for public amenities like restrooms and changing rooms. This Center will meet these needs, making restrooms available from sunrise until sunset daily. Check out our trails and trail maps, which are available to the public (link will open in new tab).
  • In addition to the construction of the Center, the College has also created a Forestry Management Plan. Together, the Management Plan and the Outdoor Education Center will help Mid optimize its use of the forest.
  • To accommodate emerging programs for community learning and program development in areas like forestry, conservation, and wildlife studies.
  • To accommodate community gatherings by offering a different kind of meeting space, one that is not adjoined to the campuses main buildings. The outdoor space can be accessed from sunrise until sunset unless it is reserved.
  • To encourage student and community enjoyment of campus grounds.
  • To expand outdoor recreation opportunities, the College is working with community partners to develop a disc golf course. The Center would function as the course's starting point.

Want more information about the Outdoor Education Center?

Contact Jeremiah Wagner, Project Lead and Science Faculty Member at Mid, at (989)386-6622 x154 or

Outdoor Education Center Rendering

A trail wanders through a lush and green forest with sunlight peeking through the branches.
A female jogger jogging on a well beaten path, surrounded by trees and foliage. More students are also jogging on the path some distance behind her.
Wild blackberries hang in various states of ripeness in front of a green canopy-style leaf in the forest.
A male cyclist in a red jersey pedals on his mountain bike through the forest.
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