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Campus Security Updates December 2018

Project At-A-Glance

Beginning in early December 2018, local law enforcement officials will provide security services for Mid from 7AM until 5PM, Monday-Thursday. These liaison officers will help the College further develop safety and security protocols, and their presence will drastically reduce the response time in crisis situations. They will also assist in creating, implementing, and training in emergency preparedness plans.

Evenings and Fridays, security will be provided by STT Security Services.


Mid should be a place where all students and staff members feel secure, valued, and encouraged to succeed.

Having armed and official law enforcement officers on campus will allow significantly faster response times during critical situations, and provide an increase in services and flexibility for members of the Security Operations team. These officers will patrol campus on rounds and for deterrence, and they will have the ability to arrest should the need arise.

The College continues to invest in its security and safety systems. After reviewing feedback from recent security threats or incidents, the College determined that it needed to react more swiftly and directly in crises or threatening situations. This solution, a model that is common to colleges and universities that do not have their own police forces, came in response to that feedback and was approved by the Board of Trustees at its October meeting.


General Info

  • Liaison Officers will work Monday-Thursday, 7AM-5PM
  • STT Security Officers will provide security coverage Monday-Thursday, 5PM-10PM and Fridays 7AM-5PM. They will also cover events.
  • Most of Mid's current Whelan Officers will be hired by STT so that they can continue their fine work on each campus.
  • Officers from the Isabella County Sheriff Department will begin duties on the Mt. Pleasant Campus, and the Harrison Campus will be assisted by the Clare County Sheriff Departments.
  • The Liaison Officers will help us create, implement, and train for emergency preparedness.
  • The Liaison Officers will be armed and able to make arrests if needed. They will perform rounds in a police vehicle for surveillance and deterrence. They will have police equipment such as dispatch radios and computer connection into the state LIEN system.

Harrison Campus

Our full-time Harrison campus liaison officer is Rob Huckestein who retired from the Detroit Police Department, after spending most of his career in narcotics and K9 units focused on bomb and drug detection. He began on Monday, December 3.

The lead STT security worker for Harrison is Deb Tullar.

Mt. Pleasant Campus

We have two part-time officers serving the Mt. Pleasant campus, each working two 10-hour shifts.

Bill Martinez recently retired from CMU after 33 years. He speaks some Spanish and knows sign language. Incredibly, he is the 20th of 21 children in his family!

Glen Feldhauser worked for the Cadillac Police Department for over 25 years before taking on the role of Safety Director for the Mt. Pleasant Police Department. He spent an additional three years as the Emergency Manager for Gratiot County.

The lead STT security worker for Mt. Pleasant is Don Denslow.

Questions and Answers

Below are the questions that have been submitted through the form below, along with their answers. Answers are provided by various stakeholders who have close knowledge of the project and may involve a slight delay as we collect information.

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