The question often arises... Why go to college? Is college even worth it? The answer is definitively YES! A college degree offers the recipient a lifetime of benefits and value that go above and beyond the investment in higher education. That is especially true if you start your bolder, brighter, better future at Mid Michigan College. We offer a FREE application, one-on-one mentoring, and 100 programs & pathways to help you achieve your goals, whether you want to enter the workforce quickly or transfer and pursue an advanced degree.

No matter what challenges you face, you can count on your education and degree to build a brighter future. By choosing to pursue your education at Mid, you'll be building skills, gaining self-confidence, connecting to a network of support, reaching for better opportunities, and experiencing economic benefits.

Build your skills. Increase meaningful skills, expand your horizons, and learn to think critically as you complete college courses and trainings. From a broad-based understanding of the world to specific technical knowledge, a college education is an employable education.

Gain self-confidence. Completing a degree takes initiative, effort, and determination, and as you cross the Commencement stage you'll be confident you can pursue any opportunities that come your way.

Connect to a support system. As you pursue your education, you'll connect with instructors, advisors, and other students just like you. These connections become a network of support that can help you stay on track to graduate, cope with life's many stresses, and launch your brighter future.

Reach for better opportunities. If you’re wondering “what might have been,” why not wonder instead “what might be?” Associate degrees and credentials pay off—often resulting in higher pay, higher job security, and higher satisfaction with the way you spend 40 hours a week.

Experience economic benefits. Associate degree holders are employed at a higher rate than those that don't have a degree according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. By completing a degree, you're also likely to see an increase in wages.

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There's even more benefits to a college education!

A college degree will give you access to increased career opportunities and options. Typically individuals with advanced education beyond high school see increased earning potential and less unemployment than those that don't.



Completing a college degree is not an easy task. It takes hard work and commitment. Graduates often talk about how completing their college degree fills them and their families with pride. Graduates say they have an undeniable feeling of accomplishment and increased confidence in their abilities. These intrinsic benefits are yours once you earn them and stay with you for the rest of your life.

Colleges provide their students with increased access to training equipment and experiences that you just can't get from self-learning. Colleges often provide access to discounts on computer equipment, software, and other technologies, that you wouldn't otherwise be able to access.

Mid offers its students greater access to global and cultural experiences through its various on-campus events and Study Abroad trips and experiences. Attending college broadens your horizons through interactions with people from other parts of the world and with diverse backgrounds. You might see several international students in your courses and experience greater diversity on campus, than you would in your hometown. These experiences provide you with skills that are highly valued in the expanding global-centric job market.


Mid students not only have access to one-on-one academic advising and support from our Mid Mentors, but also because of our smaller class sizes, our students have a better chance to meet and work directly with their instructors and college administrators. Students can easily meet with their instructors, get the help or clarification they need, and have the opportunity to work with College leaders to gain hands-on experience planning events, creating content, and assisting with College functions and processes.

Attending college gives you greater opportunities to meet and make friends, and increases your connections to industry leaders through networking opportunities.

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