Never Dual Enrolled? Here's How To Get Started.

Complete Your Next Steps

STEP 1  |  Review the Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Handbook (2021-22 version) which contains helpful academic, student service-related, and other information that supports success.

STEP 2  |  Apply to Mid. When you begin your application, on the first question be sure to select that you'll be a high school student.

STEP 3  |  Review the welcome packet that you will receive at the address we have on file. Be sure to set up your Mid Michigan College account and Mid Mich Email when you receive your packet. This information is important. Make sure everything is correct and that you understand what it says.

STEP 4  |  Contact your high school guidance counselor to move enroll in courses at Mid. Frequently, the high school pays most of the costs. You will need to work with your high school so that payment and enrollment steps are completed. Because the conditions for dual enrollment vary, your counselor will assist you in making course selections that align with your high school's requirements. For home-schooled students contact us and we'll help you get started.

STEP 5  |  Complete the Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Registration Form (05/2020) with your high school counselor and submit it to Mid's Admissions team.

STEP 6  |  Set up your Laker Login and participate in the Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Orientation in Moodle

  • For new dual enrollees, participating in the online orientation is important! As a dual enrolled student, you are enrolling in college courses and you’ll need to know what to expect and what consequences are attached if you don’t succeed.

Important Dates for Dual Enrolled Students

October 2023

  • October 9 | Winter Registration Begins

January 2024

  • January 8 | On-Campus and Online Courses Begin
  • January 8 | Off-Campus Courses Begin (per the hosting high school's schedule)

February 2024

  • February 9 | Course Drop 100% Refunds End
    • After this date school districts are charged and students receive a Withdrawal (W) on their Mid Michigan College Transcript.

March 2024

  • March 2 - 10 | Spring Break - College Open
    • No on-campus or online courses will be held. Mid courses being offered at a high school or tech center will follow that district’s spring break schedule.

April 2024

  • April 26 | Last Day to Withdraw
    • Any amount due from a student, after the high school contribution has been applied, is due by this date.
    • Courses dropped at this point in the semester are charged to the high school and students receive a Withdrawal (W) on their Mid Michigan College Transcript.

May 2024

  • May 3 | Courses End
  • May 8 - 10 | Grades Post
    • Grades are reviewed and officially posted by the end of the week.

Already A Dual Student? Take Advantage Of College Resources

Dual Enrollees at Mid are entitled to all of our services.

Student Accommodation Services

  • If you are interested in receiving disability-related accommodations, visit the Student Accommodations Services website.

Library & Learning Services

  • As a dual enrolled student, you are able to use Mid's Library & Learning Services, including each of the campus libraries, various labs, and the online research databases.
Dual & Concurrent Enrollment

Harrison Campus
Room 104

Mt. Pleasant Campus
CSS 142