You've worked hard. You've set an example for others. You've given back to your community. You've demonstrated excellence in the classroom as a leader, a volunteer, and as an individual... We noticed. At Mid Michigan College, we value students like you, and we're excited to see that you're interested in Mid and in applying for our prestigious Laker Distinction Scholarships. Welcome!

RSVP by 4pm Wednesday, November 29

Two Types of Scholarships

Laker Distinction Presidential Scholarships

  • Covers all Tuition and Fees
    • The scholarship is available beginning with the summer semester after the recipient graduates from high school and ends two summer semesters thereafter.
  • 62 Credit Hours | 2 Years
    • The scholarship covers all tuition and fees for 62 attempted credit hours, which is approximately two years and/or a complete associate degree. 
  • $500 Books & Supplies Stipend
    • The stipend is available for fall and winter semesters and must be used at Mid's Campus Stores.
  • Renewable for 2 Years
    • Students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA, including any dual enrolled courses completed, during their first complete academic year at Mid.

Laker Distinction Scholarships

  • Covers all Tuition and Fees
    • The scholarship must be used during the academic year immediately following the recipient's high school graduation.
  • 31 Credit Hours | 1 Year
    • The scholarship covers all tuition and fees for 31 attempted credit hours, which is approximately one year and/or half of an associate degree.
  • Non-renewable

The length of the scholarship is estimated on full-time status. Tuition and fees are covered in full for both in and out-district students. Laker Distinction Scholarships cover tuition for study abroad classroom time, but do not cover fees and expenses related to study abroad opportunities.

Who is Eligible?

Graduating Michigan high school/homeschooled seniors with GPAs of 3.25 or better who are not participating in an Early College program.

LDS Step-By-Step: Seats are limited. Interested students should RSVP as early as possible.

  • Submit your resume via email to
  • Take your time to ensure your resume is detailed and grammatically correct as it will be scored by the scholarship committee.
  • Consider including the following information in your resume
    • Header: Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email.
    • Objective: A well-written, one-sentence statement that conveys why you should be considered for a Laker Distinction Scholarship.
    • High School: Provide your high school's information including the name of the school and address. You should also include the dates you've attended and your current GPA.
    • Work Experience: List your work experience with the most recent listed first. Include the position, company, location, dates employed, and job responsibilities.
    • Activities: List your extracurricular activities and include your dates of involvement, positions held, and a description of your duties.
    • Awards/Honors: List your accomplishments and the dates you received the award or honor.
    • Community Service: List your service experiences with the most recent listed first. Include the position you served in, organization, location, dates involved, and a description of your duties.

  • You and a guest are invited to attend and the event will be held on Mid's Mt. Pleasant Campus in the Community Room.
  • The event includes information about Laker Distinction and other Mid scholarships, conversations with Mid Michigan College leaders, and campus tours. Scholarship applicants will also be asked to respond to some short writing prompts while at the event.
  • Attendance at this event is required if you wish to move forward in the Laker Distinction Scholarship selection process.
  • On rare, limited occasions students may complete the requirements on an alternate date. This is approved on a case-by-case basis, and only in extreme circumstances. If you would like to request an alternate date, contact Admissions at or (989) 386-6661.

  • You are required to create and submit an original project that responds to the prompt, "I have something distinct to contribute to Mid Michigan College."
  • Projects should effectively capture the unique qualities you possess and will bring to Mid.
  • Project Deadline
    • You can submit your project as soon as it is complete.
    • All projects must be submitted no later than 4pm Friday, January 5, 2024.
  • Project Submission Criteria
    • Mid understands that each student differs in how they best express themselves, and encourages all applicants to be creative with their projects.
    • Audio, Video, Slideshows, PowerPoint Presentations, or other digital media projects should be of a reasonable length (usually 2 minutes or less) and can be paired with a short description or explanation about why/how your submission responds to the prompt if you feel it would be beneficial.
    • Visual Art projects can include original drawings, collages, paintings, graphic design, photography, construction, sculpture, etc. Please submit only one or two visual art pieces. Visual art projects can be paired with a short description or explanation about why/how your submission responds to the prompt if you feel it would be beneficial.
    • Written projects, like essays or poetry, should be of a reasonable length (usually 1,500 words or less).
    • Have a project idea? If you have a project idea that doesn't appear on this list, contact Admissions at or (989) 386-6661 for feedback.

The final selection of scholarship recipients is based on a second event held at Mid Michigan College on Saturday, January 26. A limited number of finalists are invited to this event.

Harrison Campus

Chris Pellerito

Admissions Representative

(989) 386-6660
(989) 418-4578

Mt. Pleasant Campus

Ryan Donley

Admissions Representative

(989) 386-6628
(989) 444-5695