Michigan's Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) encourages eligible Medicaid recipients to complete high school by providing tuition assistance to eligible students who are pursuing a qualifying certificate or associate degree program.

TIP is accepted at Mid Michigan College and provides reimbursement at the in-district tuition rate up to the annual maximum (30 semester credits) and program maximum (80 semester credits) for eligible students.

The out-of-district tuition rate may be authorized only for those not residing in any community college district or those students whose program of study is not offered at their in-district community college. If you are receiving in-district TIP, but live out-of-district where your chosen program of study, submit a TIP out-of-district appeal form so we can look further into your situation.

Key TIP Tips

  • Make sure to file your FAFSA every year! The FAFSA opens October 1 each year for the following academic year.
  • Once you have filed your FAFSA and determined where you are attending college, be sure to update your school of choice selection in the Michigan Student Portal.
  • Your high school diploma or its recognized equivalent must be submitted to Financial Aid at your school of choice.
  • You must be enrolled at least half-time each semester to qualify for TIP reimbursement.
  • Make sure to meet your school's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy to remain eligible. Learn more about Mid's SAP Policy.