Reverse Transfer

In an effort to ensure that students leave college with every credential they are entitled to, Mid Michigan College has entered into an exciting partnership with several Michigan universities. The process is called the reverse transfer process.

What is a Reverse Transfer?

A reverse transfer is a process that allows students to increase their credentials by earning their associate degree while pursuing a bachelor degree from a university.

Why should I consider a Reverse Transfer?

A reverse transfer has many benefits including:

  • An associate's degree should you have the ability to be a successful student;
  • An associate's degree can aid in transferring to four-year universities;
  • An associate's degree provides a valuable safety net should students encounter unexpected interruptions in their pursuit of a bachelor's degree;
  • Because the program is based on previously earned credit, students may be able to earn their associate's degree with no additional cost or time commitment.

How can I be considered for a Reverse Transfer?

  1. Complete the specially designed Transcript Request Form from one of our partner universities (see below for links to the forms);
  2. Upon receipt of your Transcript Request Form, your four-year institution will send your transcript back to Mid Michigan College for evaluation;
  3. Mid Michigan College will evaluate your transcript and will either post your degree or mail your diploma if applicable, or we will notify you of your remaining requirements;
  4. Done!

If you would like your transcript evaluated for reverse transfer credit e-mail your transcript (s) to,

Transcript Request Forms (from some of our partner Universities)

Central Michigan University

Ferris State University | Ferris State University (Reverse Transfer Agreement)

Grand Valley State University

Saginaw Valley State University

Western Michigan University

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