Public Health MiTransfer

Community colleges and universities have collaborated to simplify the transfer process by developing MiTransfer Pathways. These transfer pathways build on the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), which makes it easier for students to transfer their general education courses earned at Mid Michigan College to participating four-year institutions in Michigan.

View Mid Michigan College’s MTA requirements.

Health education faculty identified courses that will transfer between community colleges and universities in Michigan.

The following courses at Mid Michigan College are guaranteed to transfer to public health programs of participating institutions.

PSY 101
Introduction to General Psychology 3
SOC 101
Principles of Sociology 3
HED 110
Introduction to Public Health 3
HED 285
Community Health 3
HED 106
Healthy Lifestyles 3

Mid Michigan College Degree Requirements

Mid Michigan College requires 4-5 math/science elective credits, a MTA social science elective (3 credits), a MTA humanities elective (3 credits), and at least 12 hours of elective credits to reach the 62 credit associate degree requirement minimum. These remaining credits should be chosen in consultation with an advisor.

Transfer Institution Degree Requirements

Transfer institutions have identified remaining degree requirements that a student can take at Mid Michigan College that will transfer to a participating public health program.

To view the details about each pathway including the full agreement, for each institution, visit the MI Transfer website.

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