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You enjoy working with your hands and working on vehicles. You’re not afraid to get a little dirty. Mid’s Automotive & Diesel Service Program prepares you for work in the automotive repair, service, and maintenance sectors.

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For over 15 years, Mid’s Automotive & Diesel Service Program has held Master Accreditation, the highest level of achievement, through the National Automotive Technician Education Foundation (NATEF).

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Our pathways provide options for you to enter the workforce in as few as 30 weeks with a certificate or continue for two years and earn an associate degree.

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Work on real vehicles and vehicle systems in the College’s automotive lab and experience working in local businesses alongside certified auto technicians and mechanics.

NEW Automotive technology lab!

Automotive & Diesel Service Program Now in New Facility

The John C. Magnus Center was established in 2013. Located at 3200 South Clare Avenue, the majority of the property's nearly 25 acres were donated to Clare-Gladwin RESD by the family of the late John C. Magnus. The property's purpose is to provide state-of-the-art facilities to house career and technical education (CTE) programs that further the skills of nearly 350 local high school juniors and seniors annually.

The most recent renovations include the newly-constructed Wilhelm Joseph Magnus Building for Skilled Trades Learning, which will house both CTE's Automotive/Diesel Technology Program and Mid's Automotive & Diesel Service Program. The facility features state-of-the-art automotive equipment, tools, and a dealership-style learning environment. Automotive Technology Lab Floor Plan


Industry-Recognized Certifications from respected companies, like Snap-on, increases your employment potential by clearly demonstrating to employers the skills you have mastered. Learn more about these skill certifications below.


Enter the workforce as a mechanic in as little as 30-weeks, or complete an associate degree with with the option to transfer into a bachelor program, like Ferris State University’s Bachelor of Science in Automotive Management. Laddered skills and certifications build on one another throughout the program, allowing you to work at your own pace and earn proof of your skills on the way to an associate degree.
2-Year Associate Degree

From basic skills to specialized systems, Mid's Automotive & Diesel Service Associate Degree allows you to gain employable, hands-on skills alongside a well-rounded base of knowledge.

1-Year Training Credential

Mid's Training Credential allows you to build entry-level skills so you can enter the workforce quickly. This 1-year credential ladders into the 2-year associate degree.

Industry-Recognized Certifications

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You may be wondering how employers will know what skills you've mastered by completing your degree at Mid. To highlight these skills, Mid has partnered with a variety of organizations to award industry-recognized skill certifications. As part of this effort, Mid is affiliated with NC3, the National Coalition of Certification Centers, a nationwide network of education/training providers and corporations that develops, implements, and sustains industry-recognized certifications built on national skills standards. Industry-recognized certifications provide a return on your education investment through hands-on training using state of the art tools and equipment. These NC3-backed certifications are earned in addition to your Mid credential and increase your employment potential.

Automotive & Diesel Service Industry-Recognized Certifications

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    • The successful completion of the Snap-on Precision Measurement Instruments Certification enables graduates to demonstrate a solid understanding of the fundamentals of working with precision measurement instruments. The skills acquired during this comprehensive training are valuable tools for life that can lead to rewarding careers in a vast array of industries in the global marketplace.
    • Precision measuring is the cornerstone of quality in products and services many people rely upon each day. Starrett, Snap-on, and NC3 combined their industrial experience and expertise to create a certification that includes hands-on training on instruments that are vital to engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, power generation, and natural resources, to name a few. Those who earn this certification will be proficient in the use of a variety of instruments ranging from tapes and rules to calipers and micrometers.
    • Certification Content Includes:
      • Tape and Rule Measurement
      • Side Caliper Measurement
      • Gauge Measurement
      • Angle Measurement
      • Micrometer Measurement
      • Dial Gauge Measurement
    • The Snap-on Multimeter Certification is awarded to students who have been trained in the use of Snap-on advanced electrical monitoring equipment. The knowledge and experience gained in this critical discipline are tools for life essential to a successful career in critical industries such as automotive repair, transportation, wind power, manufacturing, HVAC, and robotics.
    • This certification includes training on the problem-solving capabilities of Snap-on digital multimeters — the same technology used by professionals in the workplace. Training is focused on subjects from basic applications to advanced troubleshooting. This certification provides a widely recognized endorsement of technical expertise and demonstrated achievement. When students successfully complete this Snap-on certification, they obtain one of the most requested skills in the industry today.
    • Certification Content Includes:
      • Multimeter controls and operation
      • Meter display readings and symbols
      • Importance of proper terminal connections
      • Basic applications
      • Troubleshooting techniques
      • Hands-on operation of Snap-on multimeter models:
      • EEDM504D auto ranging | EEDM525D auto ranging, true RMS | EEDM575D digital clamp on EEDM596D true RMS, USB to PC, graphing software | EEDM604D auto ranging, true RMS, CATIII certified, 650 meter certification
      • Lab exercises
      • Online testing
    • The Snap-on Wheel Service & Alignment Certification is awarded to students who achieve proficiency in automotive wheel balancing and alignment, and tire-changing equipment. The certification includes practical lab exercises designed to develop the knowledge and professionalism that are essential for those pursuing careers in automotive maintenance technology, collision repair, fleet maintenance, and the racing industry.
    • Wheel service and alignment are among the most in-demand specialties in the automotive industry, and many service centers lack on-site, trained specialists. Technicians with this certification are widely recognized for their advanced training and hands-on experience.
    • This certification provides lab exercises for training on professional-grade equipment including balancers, changers, and alignment systems. Students who successfully complete this certification obtain the training and professionalism required to be safe, accurate, and proficient on the job.
    • Certification Content Includes:
      • Equipment safety
      • Hands-on lab activities
      • Software navigation, setup, and features
      • Vehicle computer interface
      • Tire changer training
      • Precision wheel balancing and tire mounting for OEM and aftermarket wheels
      • Cone and adapter selection
      • Alignment system hardware
      • Measuring primary alignment angles
      • Diagnosing and correcting alignment-related issues using the adjustment assistant including pulls, tire wear, and off-center steering wheel issues
      • Advanced measurement procedures
      • Advanced aftermarket adjustments
    • The Snap-on Battery Starting & Charging Certification enables students to demonstrate a solid understanding of battery, starting, and charging diagnostics, jump-starting tools, and service equipment. The certification is important for students who are pursuing careers in automotive maintenance technology, electrical-related fields, and the racing industry.
    • This certification includes hands-on training using tools fundamental to transportation careers. Students who earn this certification will be proficient in the use of charging, jumping, and testing equipment as well as the safety measures required for this fundamental skill.
    • Certification Content Includes:
      • Equipment safety
      • Identification and safe operation of starting and charging equipment
      • Obtaining and interpreting accurate battery system data
      • Tool and equipment care and maintenance
      • Types and classifications of batteries
      • Battery construction and operation
      • Battery maintenance
    • The Snap-on Mechanical & Electronic Torque Certification is awarded to students who successfully achieve proficiency in the use of torque tools. In-depth knowledge of torque theory, and experience in wrench selection and torque application enable technicians to be productive, efficient, and safe when using torque instruments in a wide variety of industries.
    • Whether just starting out, or a veteran of the shop, a working knowledge of torque theory and application is a fundamental requirement for any engineering, maintenance service, or repair position. As the leader in torque instruments, Snap-on developed this certification content to include hands-on training and advanced lab exercises.
    • This certification provides a widely recognized endorsement of technical expertise and demonstrated achievement. Students who successfully complete the course obtain the training and professionalism required to be safe, accurate, and proficient on the job in industries like auto collision, industrial maintenance, machine tool, agriculture, alternative energy, and many others.
    • Certification Content Includes:
      • Tool safety for hand and electrical tools
      • Principles of fasteners
      • Understanding torque theory for mechanical and electrical tools
      • Hands-on operation of torque tools
    • The Snap-on Automotive Scanner Diagnostics Certification raises the bar for technical training for students entering the automotive repair industry. The certification content enables students to acquire the skills they need to unlock the full potential of these sophisticated tools, and provides the insight and experience required to service computer-controlled vehicles. These skills are essential for those pursuing careers in automotive maintenance technology, collision repair, fleet maintenance, and the racing industry.
    • Today’s vehicles require computerized diagnostics to accurately identify problems. As the leader in aftermarket automotive diagnostics, Snap-on has developed hands-on training and advanced lab exercises to master this powerful diagnostic tool.
    • A majority of technicians who use scanning equipment know only 20-30% of the tool’s capabilities. When students complete this certification, they can show employers they have hands-on experience as scanner power-users.
    • Certification Content Includes:
      • Scanner controls and navigation for engines, transmissions, ABS, and more including menus, capabilities, and configured settings
      • Vehicle communication software
      • Cause and effect
      • Component test meter navigation
      • Navigating ignition scope options including set up and lab scope
      • Troubleshooting Techniques
      • Hands-on operation of SOLUS Edge®, using a full-range of scan tool functions, with high-resolution data graphing, detailed code definitions, and OEM-specific coverage
      • Hands-on operation of VERUS PRO®, bringing together a scanner, oscilloscope, and troubleshooter with Windows® operating system, and managing the job and shop with one system
      • Component test meter navigation

Why Choose Mid?

Recognized for Excellence

For nearly 15 years, Mid’s Automotive & Diesel Service Program & Pathways have held Master Accreditation, the highest level of achievement, through the National Automotive Technician Education Foundation (NATEF). This means that we exceed industry standards in instructor qualifications, program and instruction quality, and learning equipment and facilities--which ensures you receive an education that prepares you for success.

Hands-On, Real-World Learning

You'll work on real vehicles and vehicle systems in a dealership-style learning environment, and if you're pursuing an associate degree, you'll intern at a local businesses alongside certified auto technicians and mechanics.

Career Outlook

Automotive Service Technicians or Mechanics are responsible for inspecting, maintaining vehicles, as well as understanding computerized equipment and electronic components. Most of these employees work for auto dealers, independent repair shops, or service stations.

Career Outlook

Median Pay $19.57/hour | $40,710/year | 6% Growth

Data sourced from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and valid 2016 through 2026.

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