Center for Medical Imaging Studies

Mid Michigan College's Center for Medical Imaging Studies (CMIS) has the top of the line technology for the field of Radiography. Digital radiography is the most advanced technology in the field and Mid has an energized room with this technology.

  • Modern, real-world environment simulates a clinical setting to prepare students for careers in healthcare.
  • Additional space for new equipment and specialty training meets future healthcare needs and prepares students for careers.
  • Clinical environment supports students gaining vital soft skills and professional skills.
  • Technology upgrades include new digital imaging equipment for leading-edge training.

Mid also has film, digital radiography, computed radiography, PACS, and phantoms made from cadaver bones for life-like detail. Mid has all of the technology and equipment that is available in the field, so no matter where students do clinical education or work as a technologist, they will have already been exposed to everything that is available in the field. Of course, there are various vendors and types of equipment.

Outside view of the Center for Medical Imaging Studies

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The inside view of classroom 102

CMIS Classroom-Room 102.

The inside view of Classroom 103

CMIS Lab Classroom-Room 103.

Inside view the X-Ray room

CMIS X-Ray Room

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