Application & Selection

PRIOR to Program acceptance

All students interested in the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program must complete the steps listed below.


Complete prerequisite requirements.
  1. The following courses must each be passed with a grade of “B-“ (2.7) or higher and may be repeated only once, including withdrawals: BIO 138 (or BIO 141 and 142), ALH 100, ENG 111, COM 101 or COM 257, and PTA 101.
  2. BIO 138 (or BIO 141 and 142) must be taken within five years of beginning the PTA Courses.
  3. If you have an Associate or Bachelor degree you will be granted the general education requirements (ENG 111 and COM 101 or 257), despite your grade.


Students MUST have already completed or be actively enrolled in the prerequisite courses when applying.


Online Application and Information Packet

The deadline for the PTA Application is MARCH 1, 2023.

Late applications or supporting documents will NOT be accepted.


PTA Information Packet 2022-2023 (uploaded OCTOBER 2022)


Students MUST view the PTA Information Meeting Video (posted below) and take the on-line quiz.


Other Program Requirements:
  • All other required courses may be taken prior to or during the PTA course sequence and each course must be passed with a cumulative GPA of a “B-” (2.7) or higher with a minimum grade of “C” in each course. These courses are listed in the PTA Program Guide.


Final acceptance into the PTA Program is pending until the student presents a clear criminal background check and drug screening. Drug screenings and criminal background checks may be required throughout the program.
Immunizations/vaccinations and CPR/First Aid are required as part of clinical education. Contact the Program Director at with questions.

The Selection Process

  1. 18 students will be admitted each academic year following Selective Admissions Process.
  2. A clear criminal background check with fingerprinting and drug screening is required prior to final acceptance into the PTA Program. The cost is incurred by the student. Drug screening and criminal background checks may be required throughout the program. Students will be responsible for covering the cost of all program requirements.
  3. Students with a felony conviction and certain misdemeanors may not be accepted into the PTA Program.
  4. Immunizations/vaccinations and CPR/First Aid will be required as part of clinical education. Effective Fall 2021, all students enrolled in the program are required to have the COVID-19 vaccination to participate in clinical education.
PTA Work Lab Spaces at Mid

PTA Information Meeting Video

Please watch the above Informational Video about the PTA Program. When you are finished please take the short quiz regarding the PTA Program. You must complete the quiz prior to applying for admission into the Program.

Take the Online-Quiz.

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