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Mid Virtual Nursing Simulation Lab Gives Students Real-World Clinical Experience

Mid Michigan College's state-of-the-art nursing simulation labs at both the Harrison and Doan Center locations provide Mid nursing students with clinical experience in a risk-free virtual reality environment. The simulation lab allows students the opportunity to respond in real time to patient situations. It also promotes appropriate, timely decision-making in a safe, repeatable environment. The goal is accuracy and competency of skills before the student enters the clinical environment.

View of the front desk of the simulation lab

Each simulation lab has multiple programmable mannequins, including SimMan*, a computer based programmable human patient simulator. This has put Mid in the forefront of nursing education today by providing our students with the real-world clinical experience they need to transition quickly into the role of an independently functioning caregiver. By providing simulation, it eliminates the serious risks inherent in practicing health care skills on live patients and creates a stress-free learning environment that incorporates practice and reflective learning.

Student working on the SimMan Mannequin while being observed by an instructor

State-of-the-art clinical simulation equipment allows practice of nursing skills in a realistic clinical environment. Having a full spectrum of simulation equipment from task trainers to virtual skill simulators allows critical thinking practice for a wide range of conditions. Scenarios can range anywhere from common medical conditions such as croup or asthma to more critical conditions like cardiac arrest or grand mal seizure. These simulated scenarios will give nursing students the opportunity to learn correct interventions in a risk-free environment. Errors can be allowed to occur and play out, providing students with information and feedback about their individual performance and work as a team.

The Mid Lab Coordinator has advanced training in "simulation" and has developed specialized scenarios, many of which incorporate psychological components.

Each of the mannequins comes equipped with a laptop computer for programming medical scenarios, and monitors for tracking the results of the medical interventions undertaken by the students. The labs also include an IT system for documenting classroom training, student testing, and for immediate feedback via group debriefing of cognitive, behavioral, and affective skills.

Student working on the SimMan Mannequin

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