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Application & Selection

Medical Assistants provide both clinical and administrative support to doctors and other health care professionals.

The Medical Assistant Program will become a selective admissions program with limited seats in Fall 2017.

Online Application & Information Packet:

Medical Assistant Application Deadline is May 1st, annually.

Medical Assistant Online Application

This Application Information Packet is designed to provide you with information about the program, admission process, and curriculum requirements for the Medical Assistant Program at Mid.

Medical Assistant Information Packet (PDF)

Student nurse testing the blood pressure of another student nurse

Medical Assistant Program Acceptance Criteria

  • All courses must be passed with a grade of “C” or higher to be eligible for the MA Program. Students may repeat classes not passed with a grade of “C” or better only once, including withdrawals. If students are not successful on their second attempt, an exception must be considered and granted by the MA Program Director.
  • Completion of BIO 131 (or BIO 141 and 142) must be within 5 years of being accepted into the MA Program.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 must be maintained in all program specific courses (Restricted Enrollment Classes) in order to progress to the next semester.
  • Final acceptance into the MA Program is pending until the student presents a clear criminal background check. The cost is incurred by the student.
  • Students must obtain a clear random urine drug screen.
  • Students with a felony conviction and certain misdemeanors will not be accepted into the MA Program.

FAQs: Selection & Admissions

I am finished with my prerequisites and am currently on the wait list. What will happen to me?

The first cohort to be admitted under the new selective admissions criteria will be in the Fall of 2017.

I haven’t completed my prerequisites yet. What will happen to me?

As soon as a student completes his/her prerequisite course work, he/she will be eligible to apply for selective admission to the MA program for the next admission cycle.

What is the admission criterion going to be based upon?

The admission criterion has several different elements that will be weighted:

  • GPA of prerequisite courses (ALH 100, CIS 100, BIO 131, BIS 164, BIS 127, ENG 111, MAT 104, COM 101 or COM 257, PSY 101) account for 35% of the total score.
  • GPA of other MA Program requirements (ALH 112, ALH 220, BIS 255, HUM 200, PSY 212, SCI 200, SOC 100) account for 15% of the total score.
  • Number of credits taken at Mid account for 10% of the total score.
  • Previously earned degrees account for 10% of the total score.
  • Previously documented healthcare work experience account for 15% of the total score.
  • Personal Statement writing account for 15% of the total score.

Will students have to have a 4.0 GPA to be admitted to the MA Program at Mid?

Absolutely not! Prerequisite coursework GPA is only one of the admission criteria that is considered for admission. GPA and Personal Statement writing scores account for 65% of the total admission criteria.

How many times a year will Mid admit MA students?

Mid will continue to admit 20 students to the MA Program each Fall cohort until the fall of 2017. The MA Program will then increase its fall cohort to 20 to 30 students.

When will applications be due, and where will they be available?

Applications will be available on the Mid web site. Applications will be available on January 1. The application deadline for the Fall admission cycle is May 1 of each year.

All prerequisites MUST be completed prior to a student applying for the MA program.

​Will going to the selective admission process at Mid make me wait longer to get into the MA Program?

Entrance is based on Health Career application dates and prerequisite completion.

With the new selective admission process, students will be able to apply to the MA program immediately after completing their prerequisite course work. If accepted, they will begin the program the following Fall semester.

Will I still need to do a Criminal Background Check before entering the MA Program?

Yes. The student’s final admission to the MA program is pending the result of the criminal background check and a clear random drug screen. Students MUST be aware that any applicants who have a felony or certain misdemeanors will NOT be admitted to the MA program.

What is the Current MA Program Entry Process?

Medical Assistant Program Applications should be completed as prerequisite classes are being finished. The MA Program Director will receive the application upon completion and assess the student’s eligibility for program entrance. Those students with prerequisites completed (or in the process of completion) will receive a letter of admission, information regarding the criminal background check/fingerprinting/random urine drug screen and how to proceed to be seated in the Medical Assistant Program for the current Fall admission cohort.

MA Student graduation rates remain high; however the current changes in the health care needs of the surrounding medical communities have changed in relation to the entry-level medical assistant.

Our goal to produce a steady supply of medical assistant graduates with the skills, preparation and capabilities needed, has required the addition of a course fee to allow completion of the CMA National Examination. Now, more than ever, it is essential to promote academic success and produce students in the MA Program that can become ready-to-hire individuals.

What are other Michigan-based colleges doing for the admission process into their MA Program?

There are currently 20 Michigan Colleges with Medical Assistant Programs. Most are accredited and have programs that range from certificate to associate degrees.

There are 20,000 medical assistants working in the State and more than 750 job openings each year. Alpena CC, Baker College, Concorde Career College and Davenport University and MMCC all offer Associate in Applied Science Degrees for Medical Assisting. Alpena CC, Baker College, Concorde Career College and Davenport University all have open enrollment programs that are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

The MA Program Student cap averages between 20-30 students at any given time with a 160-180 Externship during the capstone course.

What is the new Assessment-Based Recognition Program?

Moving to the Selective Admission Process will help to ensure that student’s prerequisite courses are current and that the health-related language/science/insurance information can be used within the MA Program.

Long periods on the current MA Waitlist risk outdated information that will require prerequisite course repeats or extensive review time spent in MA Program core courses. The Selective Admission Process will also ensure that students are prepared to make the necessary commitment and progress to complete their associate’s degree and earn the CMA (AAMA) credential upon graduation.

This accomplishment will also establish compliance with the newly implemented Assessment-Based Recognition program, which allows only credentialed medical assistants order-entry for electronic health records. The new requirement under the September 5, 2013 rule for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs was implemented to improve protection of patient and providers.

Mid MA Program Students are continuing to be hired before they even complete their second semester within the MA Program core courses by health care facilities in the surrounding communities.

Advantages/Benefits to the Students

  1. The most qualified students will be selected for admission
  2. Students will be more current in prerequisite course work, not having to wait for extended periods to enter the MA Program once their prerequisites have been completed
  3. Students will be motivated to start at Mid, complete their program, and look forward to entering the health care environment
  4. Students can complete the 2-year Associate degree in a timely manner, without sitting idle on the MA Waitlist
  5. Graduates from the MA Program will be trained and certified to comply with the Assessment-Based Recognition order entry program
  6. Selective Admission criteria will result in better prepared students entering the MA Program
  7. Enhanced patient care outcomes with better qualified students
  8. MA Program Director and Administrative Assistant time will be better utilized
  9. The Mid Associate in Applied Science for Medical Assistant Degree transfers to Davenport University as a bridge for the Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Case Management.
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