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Outdoor Media Transfer

You thrive in and have a passion for the great outdoors. And you're looking for an educational experience and career that connect to your interests. Mid's Outdoor Media Transfer Pathway prepares you to transfer and succeed in careers like television production, writing, content creation, branding, marketing, and more. If you have a passion for hunting, fishing, conservation, and an appreciation for the natural world, this pathway is for you.

As an Outdoor Media student, you can also apply to become a Hunting & Angling Expedition Scholar, which provides you with in the woods and on the water courses, adventures, and connections to enhance your education and expand your opportunities.


Work behind the scenes creating and distributing outdoor-related creative content to engage and inspire others to experience the outdoors.


As an organization Mid Michigan College has a history of being committed to and supporting outdoor traditions. This has allowed exceptional connections to develop with leaders throughout the outdoor industry, which will allow you to experience a rich, diverse, and dynamic outdoor-focused education.

What degree do I earn?

Associate in Arts - Liberal Studies Transfer

While your degree may not say outdoor media, the courses in your Guided Pathway are focused on outdoor and media topics.

Discover Your Guided Pathway

Outdoor Media Transfer - Guided Pathway

Potential Careers

  • Hunting and Fishing Show Host
  • Brand Manager/Ambassador
  • Blogger/Photographer/Graphic Designer/Writer
  • Outdoor Sales Representative
  • Digital Content Producer/Editor
  • Television Producer/Camera Operator

These are just a few examples, many other careers are connected to this field of study. Additional education or training may be required for certain career choices.

Earning Potential

Film & Video Editors and Camera Operators

Median Pay $28.76/hour | $59,810/year | 11% Growth

Public Relations Specialist

Median Pay $29.40/hour | $61,150/year | 6% Growth

Data sourced from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and valid 2018 through 2028.

Expedition Scholars

Expedition Scholars participate in experiential learning activities outside of their academic pathway to enhance their education and make connections with industry leaders in their chosen fields of study. Scholars are selected through an application process, and may also receive scholarships to support their success.

Expedition Hunting & Angling Scholars

In collaboration with Rusted Rooster Media, a nationally known and award-winning outdoor production company, and other partners, scholars will learn what it takes to excel in a variety of outdoor-related careers, strategies from experts in the field, and how to apply their new skills gained from participating in outdoor adventures like salmon fishing, turkey hunting, and more. Learn more about becoming a scholar today!

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