Student Testimonials

Payton and Dillon Pringle at Wayne State University

Dillon and Payton Pringle stay busy creating and exhibiting their work. They earned a number of juried and people’s choice awards that totaled over $9,000 at Art Walk Central, Mt. Pleasant’s annual competition in 2015, which features more than 100 artists. In February and March, they exhibited their first duo show in the Morey Gallery (Mt. Pleasant). Their pieces have been publically displayed numerous times at MMCC; and when they were selected to represent the College at the 2015 Michigan Community College exhibition at Wayne State, Payton won the first place $5,000 scholarship.

“Originally, I chose to attend MMCC for financial reasons, but I’ve gained so much from my time here—insights, knowledge, friends…” Dillon says. “The art faculty have really pushed us and allowed us to explore our craft, which has helped us hone our technical skills. At this point, we just want to make everyone at Mid proud and to make a difference, whether that means inspiring other artists or communicating something special through our work.”

After completing their degrees at MMCC, both brothers plan to pursue Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees in Illustration. Dillon hopes to eventually write and illustrate children’s books and become a college professor. Payton intends to pursue his musical endeavors while creating commercial posters and cover art.

“I guess I have an adult mind with the curiosity and wonder of an impatient 10-year-old,” Payton says. “Art has always been essential to my journey and to my connection with others and with the vast, complicated world. As an artist, something nags at you to experience everything you can and then to expand on and share those experiences for the benefit of others.”

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