Programs of Study

At MMCC, we focus on a whole-student approach to learning. We understand that each student has individual goals, and therefore each student needs to travel a path that specifically accomplishes that goal.

Different Tracks for Different Goals:

MMCC offers four types of training and program tracks, and within most of those tracks, students can select from short-term training options, two-year associates degrees, or transfer degrees that integrate seamlessly into the four-year programs at other colleges and universities. That means that regardless of whether you’re a hands-on, practical learner or more comfortable dealing with theories and concepts, whether you’re looking to join the workforce in one to two years or whether you’d like to go on to a bachelors or beyond, MMCC has something that will work for you. And at an exceptional value.

Investigate our Program Tracks:

Review our Program Brochures for more information.

Additional Academics-related Info:

Degrees at Your Fingertips

Take MMCC classes online, at an MMCC site, or in combination in order to achieve your educational goals.

You have choices. Take a few college courses to hone a skill or pursue an interest, gain a full associates degree or certificate, or earn credits that you can transfer to four-year colleges and universities. MMCC offers a number of online classes, so you can complete a degree fully online, or you can combine coursework in Mt. Pleasant and Harrison with online options.

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