Michigan Colleges Online (MCO)

Michigan Colleges Online (MCO) is an initiative of the Michigan Community College Association and the 28 Michigan community colleges. The MCO manages their website providing a listing of online courses from all MCO member colleges and provides a single site to initiate the enrollment process for students.

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Mid Michigan students can enroll for courses at other colleges through the MCO site, complete the course from another "Provider College" while maintaining status at Mid Michigan College, and continue to receive support services from Mid (such as Financial Aid).

Students should work with Mid staff to verify that coursework completed through MCO will transfer back to Mid or fulfill other educational needs, and to use Financial Aid. It is highly recommended that students request that the provider college send transcripts back to Mid once grades are posted.

Tuition and fee information for MCO courses will be found under specific course entries at the MCO website. If you are verified as "In-District" at Mid Michigan (meaning that you are a resident or property tax payer in Clare, Harrison, Farwell, Gladwin, or Beaverton school districts) your tuition rate will be the lowest offered at MCO.

Learn more by visiting Michigan Colleges Online's website.

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