Adam returns to Mid and uses a new scholarship to achieve his goals.

adam-reconnecting-mid-connections-2022.jpgAdam hails from Gladwin, has attended a couple of colleges, has a family, and works full-time. Sound familiar? Adam is like many of us, juggling responsibilities, pursuing ever-shifting goals, and staying on top of a never-ending checklist.

“I started out at Mid right out of high school pursuing a transfer degree,” shared Adam. “Mid worked for me because when it allowed me to stay close to my family. Now it's working for me by allowing me to return to school for free with the Michigan Reconnect Scholarship.”

Adam’s journey took him from Mid, to another regional community college, and into the workforce without completing a degree. And then a pandemic hit.

“Things changed that’s for sure,” said Adam. “My job was downsized, it was tough.”

Adam then heard about the Michigan Reconnect Scholarship. This program offers free tuition at a student’s in-district community college to adults 25 years of age and older who don’t have an associate degree.

“I knew Reconnect was my chance. It was time to return to school, pursue my passion for computers, and achieve my goals.”

And he is. Quite successfully too.

Adam is currently pursuing his Computer Information Systems IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Associate Degree at Mid.

“I’m learning hands-on and online at Mid, and on-the-job at Corteva Agriscience as a Support Technician,” explained Adam. “Since I work full time and am very dedicated to my family, my school work typically takes place after everyone is tucked into bed, which can lead to some pretty late nights, but my motto is short-term sacrifice, long-term gain.”

Adam has not only benefited from the Reconnect Scholarship, but also from expanded online learning opportunities at Mid.

“The CIS program has recently implemented new online technologies that allow students to connect to simulations and infrastructure components remotely,” noted Amy Fisher, Dean of Business & Professional Studies at Mid. “These lab upgrades are allowing more students more flexibility—a great fit for non-traditional students like Adam.”

As Adam draws nearer to graduation and realizing his dream of a college degree, he encourages anyone out there to consider what’s possible.

“Mid laid the groundwork for my education and now, thanks to the Reconnect Scholarship, I get to finish my degree where it all started! I wouldn't be where I am today without Mid.”

I'm proud of where I'm at and what I am doing. I think it's important for other non-traditional students to know that there are options out there to return to school. Not getting that piece of paper was always my biggest regret, and now I’m achieving that even though I didn't think it was possible before. — Adam, Mid student

It's Never Too Late!

An education beyond high school opens the door to many new opportunities. Michigan Reconnect can help you get there—tuition-free.

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