How can TRIO help me?

  • Individualized Academic Planning - The road to graduation can be difficult, working collaboratively with our Success Coach to create an individual academic plan (IAP) can be a game changer. You and your Success Coach will work together each semester to select appropriate courses, create a schedule that fits your life, and help you complete your degree in an orderly and timely manner.
  • Career Counseling - Work with our Career Counselor, alongside your Success Coach, to determine the right program of study for you. Participate in “job shadowing” opportunities, which will allow you to see your future career in action, and receive assistance on building your resume and interview skills.
  • Transfer Planning - Work with your Success Coach to ensure that the courses you take will transfer to your intended destination college or university. Participate in college/university visits and build a network at your future four-year school, so that when you enroll you have meaningful connections already established on those campuses.
  • Academic Support - Work with your Success Coach and Mid's Library and Learning Services team to schedule and receive the appropriate support services that you need to be successful. Visit the Math Lab, Writing & Reading Center, and Science Center to take advantage of their free integrated services in an environment that encourages good study practices.
  • Cultural Enrichment - Expand your horizons! You'll have access to free cultural enrichment activities, like visiting theaters or museums in Detroit, as well as experiences that are unique to Michigan throughout the year.