Mid Michigan College and the Department of Natural Resources collaborated to create a Pollinator Project on Mid's Mt. Pleasant Campus.

Due to a loss of habitat, the eastern Monarch population has declined by 90% and other pollinators are experiencing a decline as well. Bees, which pollinate one-third of the world's food crops, have declined 50% in recent decades. However, these alarming declines have sparked conservation programs across the nation to take action.

“Pollinator Projects are focused on protecting pollinators and restoring habitats, and Mid is excited to become a part of this effort,” commented Amy Fisher, Dean of Business and Professional Studies and Mid-Green committee member at Mid.

Mid’s Pollinator Project Planting Day event was held during National Pollinator Week. This week was designated twelve years ago the U.S. Senate. You can learn more about National Pollinator Week at www.fws.gov/pollinators.





Get Involved!

Contact Amy fisher at afisher1@midmich.edu or (989) 386-6657.