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MMCC updated its Systems Portfolio for submission for review by the HLC in October 2012 as part of its obligations with its AQIP participation.

Preparing the Systems Portfolio provided the College with an opportunity to look at its systems and processes in new and revealing ways. The Systems Portfolio serves as an always up-to-date account of MMCC's key systems and processes.

The Systems Portfolio paints an accurate, vivid, unifying portrait of our institution's operations that will serve as a common ground for discussions of where and how to best direct efforts for improvement. The document will also inform newcomers to MMCC -- both potential employees and new representatives of critically important stakeholder groups -- with a quickly absorbable picture of how the institution works and what it is achieving.

2012 Systems Portfolio Guide (PDF 790KB)

Systems Appraisal Feedback from Higher Learning Commission - February 2013 (PDF 850KB)

Systems Portfolio - Entire Document (PDF 5MB)

Higher Learning Commission Mark of Affiliation