Grant Program takes Mid Students to Nation's Capital

August 2018

The TRIO-SSS (Student Support Services) Grant Program supports students through robust opportunities, and connects them to academic, career, and college support systems. TRIO-SSS program participants are aided in developing growth mindsets and resiliency so that they feel empowered and stay focused to complete their college journeys.

TRIO-SSS not only supports students’ academic activities and achievements, but also provides cultural and educational enrichment opportunities that program participants may not otherwise experience.

Recently, Mid’s TRIO-SSS program traveled to Washington D.C. The group toured the University of Pittsburgh, Capitol Hill, George Washington University, United State Holocaust Memorial Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, and several Smithsonian museums.

“The whole experience was awesome, and the diversity of our group made the trip even more impactful. Standing in front of places I never thought I would see was an amazing experience. From standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream” speech to seeing all the memorials and historic landmarks, all my senses were engaged. I cannot choose one favorite destination from the trip, there are far too many and each offered something unique,” shared Jeremy Cook, TRIO-SSS program participant at Mid.

The TRIO-SSS program supports students who face barriers in achieving their maximum potential. The primary measure of success is degree attainment or transfer to a four-year institution. The College received the TRiO-SSS grant in 2015, which provides over $200,000 for salaries, equipment, supplies and materials, and software to assist 140 students who are first-generation, low-income, or disabled.

To maintain grant funding, 81% of program participants must remain in good academic standing.At the end of the winter 2017 semester, 95% of Mid’s TRIO-SSS participants achieved this standard.

“Taking students to experience new places and university settings expands their horizons and increases their self-confidence. As a team, we take our students’ success seriously, and find providing them with these experiences immensely satisfying,” noted Mary Battaglia, Director of the TRIO-SSS Grant at Mid.

TRIO-SSS Visits Washington D.C.

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