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International Students MMCC

More than 100 International Students enroll at MMCC each semester.

We are excited by the opportunity to serve students from across the world as they pursue American college degrees. And, we value diverse classroom and learning experiences for all of our students.

International students meet with an advisor specifically prepared for some of the unique complexities of the college application and enrollment processes.

To speak with MMCC’s international advisor, email or call (989) 386-6622 Ext. 234.

If you are an International Student who wishes to attend MMCC, we must receive the following documents before we can issue an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility:

  1. An International Admissions Application (PDF, updated FEB 2017). Please take care to supply your name exactly as it is printed on your passport.
  2. English translations of a high school diploma/transcript and/or all college diplomas/transcripts. English translations can be obtained through World Education Services (WES).
  3. An appropriate TOEFL score (a minimum of 500 on paper-based tests, 173 on computer-based tests, or 61 for internet-based tests) or an ELS score of 109 or IELTS of 5.0. Applicants not meeting any of these criteria can still be considered for admission and will be required to take courses in MMCC's LUCES Academy (contact MMCC's international advisor for more details).
  4. A financial statement verifying financial resources sufficient to cover $19,247 USD for each year to cover expenses. Bank statements, affidavits of sponsorship, etcetera should be supplied to support the financial statement. If an applicant has made arrangements to reside with a friend or relative while attending the college, and can provide a signed Financial Support Form (PDF, updated MAY16 2017) from this sponsor, financial verification limits may be reduced to $17,541. It's very important for students & sponsors to fully evaluate financial resources before pursuing admission as MMCC has no grants, loans, or student employment available for international students and, based upon F-1 visa requirements, international students are not eligible to work off-campus.
  5. Read the summary on maintaining F-1 student status (PDF).
  6. International Students Transfer Form (PDF, updated MAY16 2017)
  7. Proof of health insurance coverage. If a student is interested in purchasing health insurance for approximately $500 per year, this can be done by contacting HTH Worldwide or Specialty Risk International, Inc. Please note that these are simply health coverage options and MMCC has no affiliation with or endorsement for the policies offered through these providers. [OPTIONAL]
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