Bookstore Charges


You have the option of using your financial aid to pay for charges and fees incurred beyond your tuition costs such as: Bookstore charges, Library or Parking fines, Graduation fees or Club Membership fees. Your financial aid may include Federal Student Aid, which includes the Pell Grant, the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and Federal Direct Stafford Loans.

You have the right to cancel or modify this approval at any time by submitting a signed, dated, written request to Mid's Financial Aid Office. A request for cancellation or modification is effective as of the date is received by Mid. Because this request is not retroactive, Mid may use FSA funds to pay any authorized charges incurred before the notice was received by the College.

  • Bookstore charges typically start one week before the start of each semester.
  • Your Mid student ID is required to charge at the bookstore.

Please check the Mid Bookstore website for specific dates.

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