Internship Program Overview

The internship is designed as a capstone experience typically taken during the last semester of a student’s college program. This course allows students to combine learning in the classroom with field experience. An agreement is signed by the student, Worksite Supervisor, and Mid Michigan College's Career Center Director to establish training objectives and employer expectations. The student must meet specific program prerequisites to participate.

Below is everything needed to begin an internship at Mid Michigan College. All documents should be carefully reviewed prior to meeting with the Career Center Director.

Internship Placement Requirements

  • Schedule a meeting with the Career Center Director to review your application, grades in program area, and discuss job placement preferences.
  • Complete the online internship application and return it to the Career Center Director. The application must be completed as you would complete any employment application. Students are placed in an internship once all materials have been completed and submitted.
  • The Career Center Director works alongside you to secure a business/industry placement. If you have a specific business/industry in mind, please bring the company name, address, and the supervisor‘s contact information to the meeting. The Career Center Director will then contact the business to review the internship program training objectives and determine appropriate placement. All placements must be approved by the Career Center Director.

Internship Credit Requirements

  • Attend work on time and as scheduled. Any permanent schedule changes must be approved by the Worksite Supervisor.
  • Complete tasks as assigned by your Worksite Supervisor. Your work must be accurate, neat, and completed on time.
  • Complete and submit the bi-weekly internship time sheet to the Career Center Director.
  • Successfully complete the total number of work hours required of the internship for your program of study.

Internship Evaluation Process

  • The Worksite Supervisor Evaluation of the intern is an important aspect of the field experience. This evaluation provides the Career Center Director with feedback on your job performance, attitudes, strengths, and areas for improvement. In addition, the Worksite Supervisor is able to provide input toward your final letter grade.
  • The Student Evaluation of the internship is an opportunity for the student to provide feedback on their training experience.
  • The Career Center Director will determine the student’s final letter graded based on the completion of hours indicated by the bi-weekly time sheets submitted by the student and the letter grade provided by the Worksite Supervisor.
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