SENSE 1A Pt. 1

Welding Technology (WLD)
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Academic Dean
Dean of Workforce & Career Education
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This course has not been offered in recent history.
Official Course Description

Fundamentals of oxy-acetylene cutting, oxy-acetylene brazing, ARC welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, F.C.A.W, manual plasma cutting, carbon arc gouging and safety procedures are included in this course. Emphasis is placed on safe welding procedures in Flat, Horizontal positions and a variety of joint types. (The "A" and "B" versions of this course are designed for students who may have completed some course requirements through prior learning or work experience. Partial credit will be awarded in "A" and the remaining requirements will be completed through an independent study in "B". Students who complete both portions will have the equivalent of the full course. Credits for each portion may vary.)