EPA Refrigerant Handler Certification

Heating/Refrigeration/Air Conditioning (HRA)
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This is a 4-day course specifically designed to teach students the required knowledge necessary to pass the Environmental Protection Agency's Refrigeration Handler Certification Exam. The specific content areas are; Core. The basic law regarding CFC, HCFC, HFC and other chlorinated refrigerants, containments, disposal, and other certification requirements. Type 1: This level of certification deals with factory charged refrigeration systems containing less than 5 pounds of refrigerant. Type 2: This level of certification deals with all other high pressure refrigerant systems with 5 pound of refrigerant of more or are custom manufactured. Type 3: This level of certification deals with low pressure chiller applications. Universal Certification is granted to those who pass all certification levels; the student must pass the Core section to be awarded any certification. The Refrigerant Handler Certification textbook and exam are included. The instructor for this course is an EPA Certified Refrigerant Handler Certification Exam instructor.

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