Accelerated Learning Comapanion Course

English (ENG)
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Assistant Vice President of Academic Services, Dean of Arts & Sciences
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ENG.050 is an accelerated support course for ENG.110. ENG.050 is designed to provide intensive scaffolding and further practice for students in a small group setting as they learn the textual moves required in college (such as evidence, rhetorical choices, critical analysis, considering rival points of view, or synthesizing a new position). ENG.050 will support students as they focus on how to read, annotate, and respond to academic texts while practicing various writing strategies for producing college essays from their ENG.110 course. Prerequisite: Placement into ENG.050.

Upcoming Offerings

Below is a list of the planned ENG.050 course sections for this semester and near future. The seat availability shown below is not updated in real time and may be out of date. Please keep in mind that course sections may be cancelled, changed, or otherwise altered before the course section start date.