EEG Procedures and Pathology I

Neurodiagnostic (EEG) Tech (EEG)
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Dean of Health Sciences, Director of Nursing Mt Pleasant
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This course has not been offered in recent history.
Official Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive foundation in subjects related to the EEG instrument. Lessons include topics on basic electronic components of the electroencephalograph. Learners will gain an understanding about the appropriate use of amplifier settings, such as filters, sensitivity, chart speeds, to refine the EEG recording. Various types of montages are described, as well as calibration methods, system and other reference selections, and permissible post-acquisition setting changes. A brief introduction to polarity is provided. (This course will be completed through Michigan Colleges Online.) Prerequisites: EEG.100, EEG.101, EEG.102, EEG.120, EEG.130, EEG.131, EEG.132. Corequisites: EEG.201, EEG.202, EEG.220.