Infant-Toddler Development Pt. 1

Early Childhood Education (ECE)
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Dean of Business and Professional Studies
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This course provides opportunities for students to explore, understand, and practice critical interactions with infants and toddlers that support and nurture their social-emotional, cognitive, and language and literacy development and learning. It is designed for current and future educators who work/will work in home or center-based group settings with infants and/or toddlers. Students are assigned to licensed lab sites where infants and toddlers are in attendance. Thirty (30) lab hours in the form of observation/interaction are required in addition to the course lectures. This course meets DHHS licensing requirements for lead infant-toddler caregivers. Prerequisites: Permission of the Coordinator. Students are required to submit a negative TB test and DHHS Central Clearance Registry background check prior to registering for this course. NOTE: This course constitutes the first half of ECE.112. When taken with ECE.112Y, it will be considered as an equivalent to ECE.112.

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