Business Information Systems (BIS)

Business Information Systems (BIS)

Why Choose MMCC?

Your path to becoming an office professional starts here

Are you organized and efficient? Can you develop processes that position a team and an office for success? If so, you might be an ideal candidate for our BIS program and for a career in administrative support and office information.

Office assistants provide essential services that keep businesses running smoothly . Because industries have specific needs, MMCC offers training in a variety of skills that prepare graduates for success in medical, legal, and corporate office environments.

Our Associate Degree in BIS equips graduates for entry into a vast number of careers including administrative assistant, assistant manager, operations office associate, and customer service representative.

Fast career entry

Our Associate Degree in BIS can be earned in less than two years when students attend full time. Our certificate program and training credentials (legal office, medical office, and records information management) can position you for career entry even quicker.

Learning beyond the classroom

BIS students gain real-world experience through internship and co-op experiences, in which they put their studies to use in local offices. These hands-on experiences connect our students to area employers and position them for success.

Career Information

Information clerks or administrative assistants are integral to offices. Often the first point of contact in professional settings, administrative professionals keep offices running smoothly and work in medical, legal, or corporate settings.

Information clerks help maintain records, collect data and information, and respond to customers’ questions or concerns. Secretaries and administrative assistants perform clerical and organizational tasks, and play an important role in the customer service of a business.

Job/Career Outlook


  • Information Clerks: Median pay is $15.41/hour or $32,050/year
  • Administrative Assistants: Approx. $17.55/hour or $36,500/year.

Employment Outlook (2014-2024)*:

  • For Information Clerks: 2%
  • For Administrative Assistants: 3%

For Information Clerks or Secretaries/Administrative Assistants.
*Information from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014 figures.

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