Mid's Students Tell the College's Story.

What began as a marketing effort has turned into much more. We set out to find real MMCC students who wanted to share their stories and their attitudes about the college—why they chose Mid, what happened while they were enrolled, and what they went on to do after leaving. This was the basis of our "Get More" campaign.

What we found were students who challenged us to remember the real reason that MMCC exists: to serve students in meaningful ways, to compel them, to encourage them to keep going. What we found were students who were more than faces and stories. They are the essence of MMCC. The best testaments to why we exist at all. Their stories were compelling without any spin.

We want you to get to know some of these students too, and we're confident that they'll change how you see MMCC. They embody students who got more from Mid than they expected.

If you would like to share your story for the Get More at Mid campaign,
please contact Jessie Gordon: jmgordon@midmich.edu



What Students are Saying about Mid:

"My instructors expected more because they knew me and what I was capable of. Every teacher knows your name at Mid."
– Eric: transferred to a four-year pre-med program in 2011
"I couldn't have guessed how much I'd love my time at Mid, how much I could get involved, how many doors it would open for me."
– Stephanie: just received a transfer scholarship that pays for her bachelor's degree
"I realized that the experience is what you make of it. Mid's instructors and advisors made it easy for me to do what I love ... fulltime."
– John: full-time machinist who was retrained at Mid
"I was honestly more challenged at Mid than by my university courses."
– Jenn: recently received her bachelor's degree in Business
"My experience at MMCC reinforced my commitment to academics and gave me the confidence to pursue my college and career goals."
– Sara: transferred to pursue a bachelor's degree in Psychology
"My class at Mid changed my mind about community colleges. The class sizes are so small that I made friends and got a lot of attention from my instructor."
– Pete: graphic designer

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