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Accessibility Checklist

four key CONCEPTS of accessibility

  • Content must be perceivable
  • Content must be operable
  • Content must be understandable
  • Content must be robust


Goal: To make the navigation and clarity of content perceivable by all users and the five senses.

  • Do images have alternative text or a decorative label?
  • Are there images of text that could be avoided?
  • Do videos have captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions?
  • Is the navigation and reading order logical?
  • Does the document avoid using shape, size, color, and location in instructions?
  • Does the document meet color contrast standards?
  • Does the content scale well for different view settings and devices?


Goal: To make content navigation operable by all users.

  • Can content be navigated by a keyboard, for users who are unable to use a mouse?
  • Does content avoid styles that flash or flicker?
  • Does the document have a clear and concise title that describes its topic or purpose?
  • Are headings and sub-headings used appropriately?
  • Do links have informative names that are unique?


Goal: To make content and technology understandable to all users.

  • Has the language of the document been identified?
  • Are interactive elements appropriately labeled and clearly explained?


Goal: To make content robust enough that screen reader technology can interpret it correctly.

  • Was the document scanned at high resolution?
  • Have accessibility guidelines been followed to ensure compliance?
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