Working With Us

The Marketing & Communications Team supports client efforts by developing marketing strategies and tactics that enhance project outcomes.

Our team collaborates with clients to determine appropriate marketing solutions that best support the efforts and goals of requests. We'll do the tough stuff -- from evaluating objectives, determining target audiences, and selecting appropriate marketing channels -- we've got our clients covered.

Join the conversation, share your vision, and we'll help you develop an effective, feasible marketing plan, appropriate materials, and channel distribution to support your success. Clients often discover what efforts are already underway and how messages can take advantage of the momentum we're already building with the MMCC brand.

We're the MMCC brand champions.

Our most important role is in the development of the College's brand / style / voice, and in maintaining the consistency of this brand throughout all materials, messages, physical spaces, the MMCC website, and social media. But we can't do this alone. We want to empower clients to be a brand champions as well. We're continuing to develop templates, resources, and guides to further client efforts in sharing the MMCC story. But we also work with clients to create brand-centered materials or messages unique to project requests.

We don't just print and design flyers.

Instead we develop creative solutions that go above and beyond. We take advantage of ongoing branding and marketing synergies to create compelling messages and distribute them through digital and social media channels to reach target audiences with the most impact our resources can provide.

Both style & substance.

While the importance of content can't be diminished, the design is of equal importance. Design engages and promotes our brand through color, type, and style by maximizing visual impact. It allows the MMCC brand story to be shared consistently and recognized easily. Information is presented clearly and attractively resulting in greater engagement. Our design team brings years of experience to both the College's brand, style, and client projects.

We're here for you!

We encourage clients to bring us what they want to say, what they want to accomplish or start. Our team then collaborates with clients to bring all our team's branding, communications, design, and PR expertise to the project or initiative. The solution may differ from the original request, but clients can have confidence knowing that their project will be considered carefully and completed skillfully. If concerns arise during a project, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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