Strategy & Services

We're more than marketing. Our job is about more than keeping Mid’s website updated or printing colorful flyers that hang on campus bulletin boards. Our goal is to clearly and consistently share authentic stories that capture Mid’s mission and brand.

We collaborate with clients, from academic departments to organizational divisions, and are ready to do whatever it takes to help our clients achieve their goals.

We cultivate the brand. Mid’s brand is always changing, ever evolving. From updating ads to creating new recruitment posters, our team ensures the brand speaks and connects to those we communicate with.

We think strategically. Our priority is to create an authentic, friendly, durable, uplifting, and vibrant experience for all Mid students. Every piece we design, every decision we make, we make with that goal in mind.

Successful Marketing is Strategic Above All

There's no magic marketing dust. Promoting an event requires more than printing posters, and growing program enrollment requires more than billboards. For Mid to be effectively marketed, our team relies on members of the College community to share with us important updates and information, to inform us when exciting opportunities arise, and to share and celebrate successes.

While the services we offer are outlined individually below, we are dedicated to integrating these services together for a holistic approach. We are eager to help clients develop concepts, strategically plan for the most effective outreach, and distribute the right messages to the right audiences at the right time.

Clients should consider our team a strategic partner who increases visibility, distributes content, and achieves results. That means that clients need only approach our team with their goals and reasons for a project. From there, we'll work collaboratively to shape the processes and products by which those goals might be met.


BUY. Looking to put a message front and center? Partner with our team to purchase radio, television, billboard, print, or digital advertising space.

Brand Management

CHAMPION. The Mid brand encompasses how we look, speak to, and feel to our various audiences. The brand reflects who Mid is and why we exist—it is the emotional connection that ties us all together toward a common goal. A brand's strength comes from within, and while the College is composed of many departments and initiatives, our brand stands strong.

Brand Tool Kit COMING SOON!

Editorial & Content Development

WRITE. Ensure stories are engaging and reflect the Mid brand voice -- clear, approachable, with a dash of personality. From brochures to emails to website pages, we develop winning words that engage audiences with clear calls-to-action. Key messaging can be connected to projects, building momentum for communication efforts across the College.

Event Promotion

PROMOTE. Hosting an event can be a challenge, and telling people about it can be even more difficult. We can help promote events to target audiences on the appropriate media channels.

Graphic Design

DESIGN. We provide creative solutions centered on the Mid brand. Our designs energize messages and assist in achieving project goals.

Interactive Forms

CAPTURE. Interactive forms are developed for web and email communications allowing clients to capture contact information, registration details, and many other fields specific to their needs.

Internal Communications

SHARE. Keeping staff and faculty informed across the College takes effort from each and every employee to share updates and keep content fresh. With weekly email newsletters and a dedicated employee audience web page, our team is focused on creating tools that are effective and easy to use.

Workplace isn't just for talking about work, it's for getting work done. There are many ways to get started from creating a group for your team to sharing meeting notes and celebrating team achievements. If you haven't received an internal email invitation contact Strategic Communications. Connect with Mid on Workplace!

Laker Correspondents

BLOG. Laker Correspondents are dynamic students that have joined a blogging team to share student stories in their own voices. These students attend events, take photos, and then share their experiences on Mid’s website and social media.

Public Relations

REACH OUT. We link Mid to the world by distributing press releases to media outlets announcing events, updates, and covering many other College efforts.



SAY CHEESE. Photography services are available for limited special events if scheduled in advance. If a project requires extensive photo shoots and editing, a professional photography service may be more appropriate.


PRINT. Print projects with print quantities of 250 or less and simple specifications can be printed in-house if a departmental print code is provided. Projects that require additional services (folding, binding, etc.) and/or have higher print quantities are quoted by outside vendors for production.


CONNECT. Our team is responsible for editing and designing Mid’s Annual Report entitled Connections. We strive to delve deeper into stories of relevance and connect Mid’s efforts to the communities we serve.

Social Media

ENGAGE. Mid maintains a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo. A variety of content is produced and scheduled for a consistent flow of content across all channels. The main goal of our social media presence is to recruit potential students, engage current students, and inform the community. Social media is often the most effective method of connecting with students and community members.

Student Lists

REACH OUT. Potential Mid students often request information regarding specific programs. For faculty and academic directors who want to directly connect with potential students of their program(s), lists of both inquiring and newly admitted students are available upon request. A quick review of current communication materials received by students is completed before automatic list updates are scheduled.


DISCOVER. Signage on the exterior and interior of each campus is of utmost importance when welcoming students and their families to Mid. Keeping signage consistent with brand standards reinforces our messaging and assists everyone in discovering their path to success.

Web & Digital

MANAGE. We help manage the hundreds of pages on Mid’s website, which is very often the first impression of Mid a potential student encounters and the most often used resource by current students. We’re also responsible for creating digital advertising and deploying email campaigns to students.

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