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Mid Fast Facts

Facts About Our Students

Why Mid (Demographics/Infographics)

  • Fall enrollment
  • Male/Female percentages
  • Student Age Distribution
  • Number of International Students
  • Number of Veterans
  • Average Class Size
  • Classes Offered per Semester
  • FT/PT Student Percentage
  • Declared Programs of Study Percentages

Student Demographic Information (Informer) (Filter by Academic Division and by Term)

  • Enrollment by Gender & Term
  • Enrollment by Student Type & Term (FF, RE, GU, DU, TR)
  • Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity
  • Enrollment by Course Load
  • Enrollment by Top * Counties
  • Enrollment by Top 9 High Schools
  • Enrollment by GPA
  • Enrollment by Completed Contact Hours

Facts About Employee Success

2018 PACE Survey Results

2018 PACE Report (PDF)
2018 PACE Executive Summary (PDF)
2018 Custom Report (PDF)
2018 Change Readiness Report (PDF)
2018 Demographic Report (PDF)
2018 Personnel Classification Report (PDF)
2018 PACE Report Interpretation (PDF)

2015 PACE Survey Results

2015 PACE Survey Summary Report (Powerpoint)

Facts About Service to our Community

Annual Report of Mid's Division of Workforce & Economic Development

  • Map showing where/who we serve
  • SBDC statistics
  • Student Internship placements
  • Statistics on Mid's Short-Term Training Programs

Brief Narrative History of the College and its role in the local community

Our Story, Your Mid

Facts About the College's Effectiveness

Budget & Transparency Data

  • Local Strategic Value
  • Annual Financial Audits
  • Annual General Fund Budget
  • Use & Finance Bi-Annual Form
  • Dual Enrollment Annual Report
  • Union Contracts
  • Summary of Benefits
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