Leadership Essentials

This one-day training is designed to equip managers of people and projects with the knowledge, communication skills, and techniques that inspire employees to contribute their best effort.

Upcoming Training Sessions

Time & Date
  • Wednesday, January 24
  • 8am-4:30pm
  • $275 per person
  • Lunch is included!
  • Mt. Pleasant Campus | Morey Technical Education Center | Room 108

Maximizing Motivation & Effort

This Leadership Essentials training addresses key points related to employee motivation and leadership development.

  • Define leadership styles and approaches, including the central challenge of managing people, and define your role as a boss or a leader.
  • Discover what motivates today's workers, how to understand and leverage employee needs, and what employees want from leaders.
  • Learn how to build a more productive work environment, including strategies for building and maintaining trust and respect.
  • Explore leadership communication techniques including understanding the frame of reference, how to ask better questions, listening to build trust, and how to articulate benefits.
  • Understand best practices for keeping people and projects on track including SMART goals, growing capabilities, delegation, and feedback strategies.
  • Develop an understanding of leadership as an influence, including how to become a person of influence and techniques to sell the vision of the organization.


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