Blueprint Reading

Blueprint Reading Professional Development Workshop

Mid's Blueprint Reading Professional Development training is an eight hour virtual instructor-led workshop designed as an introduction to the basic skills of interpreting the information found on mechanical drawings.

This course is designed for machinists, machine operators, customer service representatives, salespeople, quality departments, inspectors, assemblers, estimators, production planners, and other attendees that need to be able to understand and interpret the information found on mechanical drawings.

100% Online Training!

September 5, 7, 12, 14

4pm - 6pm

Cost $399.00

(Includes eBook)


Walt Prystaj

Course Outline

I. Introduction to Technical Drawings
  1. Terminology and Symbols
  2. Lines
  3. Cutting Plane & Section
  4. Thread Representation
  5. Title Block
  6. General Tolerances
  7. Types of Tolerances
  8. Revisions

II. Orthographic Projection
  1. First and Third Angle
  2. One View
  3. Two View
  4. Three View
  5. Primary Auxiliary View
  6. Secondary Auxiliary View
  7. Viewing Plane

III. Section Views
  1. Concept
  2. Cutting Plane
  3. Section View (Full, Half)
  4. Revolved Section View
  5. Rotated Section View
  6. Partial Section View

IV. Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  1. General Tolerances
  2. Dimensional Tolerances
  3. Unilateral, Bilateral, Limit
  4. Size Dimension Techniques
  5. Location Dimension Techniques

V. Dimensioning Techniques
  1. Holes and Hole Patterns
  2. Counterbores and Countersinks
  3. Surface Finish
  4. Fasteners and Threads (Inch and Metric)
  5. Fits (Inch and Metric)


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