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Conflict/Anger/Stress Resolution for the Medical Professional

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Conflict/Anger/Stress Resolution for the Medical Professional

CED.1007.M01 Section 56775

Dates/ Times

Friday, April 20
8AM - 4PM


$89 / person


Mt. Pleasant Campus - Community Rooms 186 & 187


Carolsue McCue

Course Description

Careers in the medical field are highly rewarding, and fraught with stress and conflict. Empower yourself with psychological skills that will allow you to resolve conflict, anger, and stress throughout your career during this relaxing seminar. You will master emergency situations and handle interpersonal relationships with co-workers and superiors with ease—all while loving your job again!

Morning Session:
  • Common Causes for Medical Career Stress
  • Body Reactions/Danger Signs
  • Letting Stress Go While Still Maintaining High Achievements
  • Mental Defense
  • The Gender Trap
  • Gliding Through High Pressure Situations
  • Deadlines and Commitments
  • Realistic Perceptions of Anger
  • Examples and Solutions
Afternoon Session:
  • Career vs Home vs Career
  • Communicating Difficult Feelings
  • Living and Working Out of Your Values While Loving Your Job
  • Controlling Your Own Life
  • Letting Go of Past Difficulties
  • Reviving Your Creativity
  • Ingredients For Credibility and Success
  • Protecting Your Health
  • Foods That Increase/Decrease Stress

Registration begins at 8:30am with the seminar starting at 9am. Lunch will be provided.


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(989) 386-6625

About the Instructor

Carolsue McCue conducts seminars on a variety of medical related topics including Medical Law, Ethics and Risk Management, Medical Collection Procedures, and Conflict, Anger and Stress Management. She is a member of the St. Clair County Community College Medical Advisory Board and adjunct faculty instructor of medical office procedures and medical law ethics. She is also a medical office consultant for physician’s offices and past president of Blue Water Medical Professionals. Carolsue has been presenting medical topics for over 30 years in conjunction with a number of colleges, universities, and medical facilities in Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Massachusetts, and New York.

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